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Business is a jungle: Let Greenlion help you survive and thrive

Facing a tough decision? Greenlion is the trusted strategic advisor for businesses facing hard choices. We offer confidential, objective, advice on growth, market position, and opportunities. With extensive experience across diverse industries, Greenlion provides meaningful and relevant information and guidance for confident decision-making.

Working alongside you as your virtual CFO, Greenlion delivers financial leadership aligned with your business and investment goals and objectives. We analyse financial data, identify trends, and provide insights for informed decision-making. Greenlion can also assist in long-term financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

  • Virtual CFO Services.
  • Design and Implementation of systems, including cloud computing.
  • Advisory Boards and non-executive director services.
  • App Advisory.
  • Succession Planning.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Finance Structuring Advisory.
  • Asset Protection and Planning.
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Case Study:


A real benefit clients find from having us on their team is our ability to identify opportunities available for them to increase the strength of their financial position. A case in point is where we recently helped a kiwi services company significantly improve their revenue. This company designs, commissions and maintains electrical systems. It’s a one-stop shop which services residential, industrial, and commercial customers. We were brought in to help the company improve its financial position.

From our review we noted the state of the economy afforded our client an opportunity to increase its revenue due to a supply chain crisis we predicted would occur in the not-so-distant future. We recommended our client purchase additional products as a relatively low price. Thankfully, our advice was accepted and our client bought a large stock of products. This enabled them to on-sell the items at significant higher price points. The company’s customers were grateful because they were unable to procure those product from anywhere else. Ultimately, our client benefits and their clients benefited from our foresight. A win-win event for all concerned.

To enable our client company to take up this identified opportunity, we undertook revenue forecasting and monthly reporting. This information put the company in a much stronger position than what it previously occupied because it had continual reporting and external support.

Needless to say, our client was very happy at its end of year revenue gain all due to having us at its side, providing strategic business advice as well as accounting services.

“The Greenlion team are great. Yes they offer accounting services but they’re more than that, they’re advisors I can partner with to grow my business. I highly recommend them.”