Business Succession

Start with the end in mind

It’s only when that time comes; the time when your mind starts turning to selling the business or handing it over to your children, that you begin to think seriously about the investment you have made in blood, sweat and tears, and what return you may realise for all your work.

The value you realise from your business does not consider your blood and sweat, or your tears. The value of your business will depend on questions like ‘what makes your customers buy?’ What is the growth potential, profitability and cash flow, assets and liabilities, competitive advantage, market trends and business risks?

Talk to Greenlion about the following:

  • Ensuring the business has a sound financial and legal structure.
  • Defining the value of the company and its assets and liabilities.
  • Preparation of financial statements ahead of the sale.
  • Tax advice.
  • Assistance with sale agreement negotiations.
  • Conducting due diligence on the buyer and transaction.
  • Support during the transition process.
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