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Few know that the lion is not regarded as the king of beasts because it is the biggest or strongest mammal, but because it is the only cat that lives in a collaborative group, hunts as a team and is skilled at identifying a target that presents the best opportunity for success—confident, strategic, courageous, and led by vision. When you become a Greenlion client, you become one of our pride.

Businesses: Do you have business aspirations? To grow, diversify or extract more profit from your current undertaking? Talk to Greenlion about how we can help support your goals and vision by interpreting the numbers, identifying opportunities on your behalf, and providing clear, expert advice to move you forward.

Investors: You may be an investor in property or the share market, commodities, cryptocurrencies, or collectables. Greenlion can help you manage your financial affairs, give you tax advice and provide compliance services. We support investors with strategic planning, risk management, governance, valuation, due diligence, and transaction services.

For more thoughtful business insights and expert-based Auckland chartered accounting services that put you first, talk to Greenlion today.

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Accounting & Tax

Our promise is simple. We provide effective accounting and tax strategies tailored to your business needs for your peace of mind. With in-depth knowledge of financial accounting and tax law, Greenlion stays updated with the latest developments, ensuring compliance and maximising tax benefits for your business.

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Growth & Advisory Services

Lions employ cooperative hunting strategies, leveraging teamwork to bring down larger prey. By working together with Greenlion, you’ll increase your business success and access better growth opportunities through a close and collaborative partnership.

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Trusts & Estate Planning

It can take a lifetime to build wealth and only a moment in time to decimate what you’ve worked so hard achieved. Lions are both hunters and protectors. Greenlion epitomises this by helping its clients through its trustee services division protect their assets for themselves and their families, for today and for the future.

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Project Support

Within a lion pride, each member has their own role. Utilizing individual lion skills and competencies whilst working as a team, Greenlion is able to assist clients with specific projects. Be it buying a business or listing a company on a stock exchange, we are able to provide the requisite support throughout a project through to completion and achievement of goals.

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Virtual Services

Don’t wrestle with lions, you’ve got better things to do. With Greenlion’ s virtual accounting services you can experience convenience and time-saving efficiency. Secure cloud-based platforms enable you to access your accounting information and communicate with our team of experts anytime, anywhere.

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Business Succession

All business owners want to ensure they gain a good return on the time investment they’ve made building their business. When your mind starts turning in these directions, it’s time to think about succession planning. Our lions are skilled at helping business owners get read to pass on their business to new owners be it current employees or new buyers. Ensure you get the return you should on the investment you’ve made over the year by enlisting Greenlion’s help.

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  • “Greenlion delivers our business valuable advisory services. They are relationship driven and understand our business needs and challenges – they get it! Would recommend if you are after a true business advisor.”
  • “The Greenlion team are great. Yes they offer accounting services but they’re more than that, they’re advisors I can partner with to grow my business. I highly recommend them.”
  • “Amazing service! Efficient and excellent communication. Trustworthy and extremely helpful without being overbearing. Transparent advice was refreshing. Highly recommend.”
  • “Thanks for your time this morning & the great job you are doing with my books. I used to dread going to the accountant - it was such a daunting job. Greenlion are making it a way nicer experience and I don’t feel like I am just a number so thanks heaps for that.”

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