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Uncover a wealth of opportunities with accounting-led insights

We appreciate GST, FBT, PAYE, RWT Returns, and tax minimisation are necessary but… a bit dry. This can lead to them being treated as a tick-the-boxes exercise that has to be done. If you dig below the surface however, you’ll find gold. That is, information. What you do with the information gleaned from compliance and other accounting services is where your real advantage lies.

Greenlion helps its clients utilize information gathered in financial decision-making, strategic planning, performance evaluation, risk management and tax optimisation. Our expertise, experience and business mindset add value to clients’ businesses by providing numbers led insights and guidance that enable clients to thrive in dynamic and competitive environments and achieve business success.

Accounting & Tax

Chart your path to business success—trust Greenlion for expert accounting and tax advice, compliance, and accurate reporting.

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Growth & Advisory

Greenlion helps you capitalise on opportunities because we keep our fingers on the pulse of New Zealand and global business developments. We are adept at making connections and recognising patterns that lead to meaningful strategic guidance and planning.

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Trust & Estate Planning

Use Greenlion’s Trustee Services division to ensure you keep the wealth you build for you and your family, for today and tomorrow.

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Project Support

Increase successful project outcomes by including Greenlion team members, utilizing specialised skills to drive your specific projects.

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Virtual Services

Gain timely access to crucial information to improve your financial performance and increase your chances of success via Greenlion virtual services.

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Business Succession

Greenlion will ensure your business if fit for sale purposes, permitting you to gain optimal returns on the investment you’ve made over the years.

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“The Greenlion team are great. Yes they offer accounting services but they’re more than that, they’re advisors I can partner with to grow my business. I highly recommend them.”

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