Women in business

In the wild, much of the hunting falls to the lionesses, yet the male lion claims first pickings. Today women in business still face unique challenges and Felicity Hill is passionate about resolving this.

As a successful business-woman, wife and mother of 2, Felicity Hill can relate to the various personal and professional challenges she hears from her female clients.

Felicity is aware, first hand, of the tiring expectation that mum should be the one to look after the kids, organise the birthday parties and be the main point of contact for day care or schools – all while trying to maintain and grow careers.

In a professional setting it can be harder to build credibility with clients and colleagues, harder to raise capital and harder to be successful in negotiations.

Felicity has a passion to create a different reality for her daughter. She loves to help her lionesses grow by offering support and advice. The old-boys club already exists and that’s fine, it’s time to start our own pride.

Please contact Felicity to learn more about the Greenlion Women in Business Network and the various events they run.


+64 21 134 0607
DDI +64 9 601 8391
EMAIL felicity@greenlion.co.nz

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