Janet XuccoaTrust Advisor BCom LLB

getting in touch

DDI +64 21 451 966
EMAIL janet@greenlion.co.nz

Greenlion is excited to be working with Black + White Trust Services Limited, led by Janet Xuccoa who has over 33 years’ experience working in banking institutions and professional services practices (accounting and legal organisations) specialising in the trust arena.

Complementary with her career, Janet has published three books being Family Trusts 101, Money Secrets 101 and Women & Money: Mastering The Struggle. Her books optimise the belief she holds in respect of education driving better outcomes and helping people and society advance. Janet has led this charge not only through publication of her books, but also through delivering numerous seminars on topics of economics, asset planning, tax, property and relevant current industry and global trends e.g. Auckland Unitary Plan.

Many clients have already enjoyed the benefits this new service offers including assistance in trusts and other structures, undertaking trust related activities, estate planning and trustee management affairs.

Congruent with the Greenlion philosophy of helping clients, Janet is presenting a seminar on Trusts and the New Zealand Economy to Greenlion clients. Ensure you register to gain insights into these topics, enabling you to make better quality personal and business decisions.

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